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7 benefits of using oral HIV self-testing kits

By Winnie Onyando December 11th, 2023 2 min read

The National Syndemic Diseases Control Council (NSDCC) believes an estimated 1.4 million people are living with HIV in Kenya, and approximately 50,000 new infections occur each year.

This highlights the urgent need for increased HIV testing and awareness, particularly among high-risk populations.

In connection to World AIDS Day, celebrated on December 1, 2023, with the theme focusing on the critical role that testing plays in controlling and eventually ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Medionics Healthcare, in partnership with Orasure, the manufacturers of Oraquick HIV Delf Test kits, now urges Kenyans to embrace self-testing in their comfort zone to know their status.

“Oral testing is a game-changer for HIV self-testing in Kenya, it is a painless and non-invasive way to test for HIV, and it can be done in the privacy of your own home. This makes it easier for people to get tested and learn their HIV status, especially those who may be hesitant to visit a healthcare facility,” said Dr S.K Arimi, CEO of Medionics Healthcare.

OraQuick HIV self-testing kits offer several benefits, contributing to the increased accessibility and convenience of HIV testing.

Here are some advantages associated with using OraQuick HIV self-testing kits:

Privacy and confidentiality
Self-testing allows individuals to perform the test in the privacy of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit a healthcare facility. This ensures confidentiality and may encourage more people to get tested, especially those who may be hesitant to visit a clinic due to privacy concerns.

OraQuick kits provide a convenient and quick testing option. Users can obtain results in as little as 20 minutes. The ease of use and lack of need for specialized equipment or professional assistance make it accessible to a wider population.

OraQuick HIV self-testing kits increase accessibility to HIV testing, particularly in remote or underserved areas where healthcare facilities may be limited.
This can be especially beneficial for individuals who face barriers to accessing traditional testing services, such as transportation issues or stigmatization concerns.

Early detection
Early detection of HIV is crucial for initiating timely medical interventions and treatments.
OraQuick kits empower individuals to test themselves regularly, leading to earlier detection of HIV infection and timely medical care.

Empowerment and autonomy
Self-testing empowers individuals to take control of their own health and well-being.
It promotes autonomy in healthcare decision-making, allowing individuals to proactively manage their HIV status and seek appropriate care if needed.

Reduced stigma
The private nature of self-testing may reduce the stigma associated with traditional HIV testing methods. People who are concerned about judgment or discrimination may find self-testing to be a more comfortable option.

Education and Awareness
OraQuick kits typically come with educational materials that help users understand the testing process and the implications of the results.
This can contribute to increased awareness about HIV and its transmission, fostering a better understanding of preventive measures.
It’s important to note that while self-testing kits offer numerous benefits, confirmatory testing and counseling are still essential for those who receive positive results. Additionally, individuals should follow up with healthcare professionals for appropriate care and support.