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Actor Omosh agrees to fight alcohol addiction

Controversial actor Kamau Kinuthia, commonly known by the stage name Omosh, has agreed to join rehab and work on his alcohol addiction.

This was revealed by his colleague, ex-Tahidi High actor Kevin Onyiso alias Eddy, who said he’d partnered with other friends and colleagues to step in.

Onyiso claims he tried reaching Omosh immediately Kenyans started helping him, but he was unreachable as he had a PA.

Onyiso further revealed he reached out to Omosh’s wife and asked her not to spend the money until her husband went into a three-month rehab. But she reportedly didn’t tell Omosh about the offer to move into rehab.

“I really tried reaching on to this guy the moment pesa zilianza kuingia, after Shish called me ati nimtafute kuna wasee wa Nacada wamekubali kumpeleka rehab probono.

He wasn’t picking my calls being that he had a PA I then called the wife and nika to explain by telling them they should not use the cash unless akubali rehab whereby atarudi after 3months when he is in his right senses, now it’s funny that I called him yesterday, and he tells me wife yake hakuwai mpea message ya rehab and also the PA by then didn’t tell him nimepiga.

Onyiso further revealed that Omosh had agreed to start his rehabilitation, but is still worried about his family and how they will survive without him.

“I just want to request, because he does not have food or money, those he worked with on Tahidi High and were touched by Omosh let us help him,” he said.

Onyiso said they will meet at Omosh’s home on Saturday, July 3, and urged well-wishers to come with food and money for the actor’s family as he begins his rehab.

Those willing to attend the meeting can reach, Kevin Onyiso, on 0724392958.