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Actress Gloria Moraa unleashes verbal attack on Benjamin Ayimba’s ‘sister’

Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa is on the war path with the family to her children’s late father, Benjamin Ayimba. The actress claims she has been chilling and minding her own business but Ayimba’s sister attacked her and her children in a long WhatsApp message.

“I never engage in social media wars, never but there is someone out to cause me drama very much. My people, what do I do with this person?… This is a person who called my children street urchins and she used to call her brother useless and stupid. Now she’s coming here to behave nye nye nye… What do I do to this person surely?” Moraa said.

“I was just chilling, just chilling. Let the drama unfold now. My people in the art fraternity know how this woman made my life a living hell for 7 years and I used to remain silent. I have been silent for long. Why can’t people look for husbands to take care of their needs so that they can stop being angry and bitter? No one should dare tell me I be the bigger person here. Let me get into the mud now,” she went on.

Moraa also shared a screenshot of a message which she claims is from Ayimba’s sister. The sender of the message asked Moraa to let her brother rest in peace. The ‘sister’ also told Moraa to prove that she was married to Ayimba as she boasted that her brother had bedded over 500 women and sired many children in addition to the ones he had with the actress. She also claimed that Moraa was probably a fourth wife to the late Ayimba.

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“Let Benja rest. You terrorized him enough in life, now let his soul forget he ever made his mistakes. You happened to be one of the biggest he has ever made, is it possible for you to accept that fact and stop deceiving yourself please?,” the message reads.

The ‘sister’ went on to wonder if  no one from Moraa’s family ever warned her against believing she was Benjamin’s wife because he had never taken her to him village home. She also told Moraa to prove that Ayimba acknowledged her children, spent any time with them during family occasions, saying that many women were known to trap men with pregnancies that were not theirs.

“Please stop haunting Benja’s spirit in death. Your haunting killed him earlier than was necessary. As long as you can provide basic evidence of having lived with him for a day (not when he is there to spend some s*x time) as he rushes back to his wife, that all of us who didn’t know better have done, I’m saying actual proof that he lived with you.” the message further reads.

In response, Moraa gave the sender of the message an earful on her social media platforms.

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“Today I am not a bigger person, let me just rant. I have never asked anyone from my children’s side for even Sh 100 bob for milk. My family and friends know my story. Human beings can be garbage sometimes. When I used to live with and take care of their son, why wasn’t I a bad person? When I differed with my family enough times because I put another family ahead of mine… when I had to carry burdens that were not mine,” Moraa said.

“Family can be very toxic. When I was raising their son whom they abandoned literally, why didn’t they say I should leave them alone? Now I am quietly raising my children but I am here being provoked with fingers in my anus. And I repeat, no one should date tell me to keep quite or my silence. Nonsense much!” she went on.

Moraa had two children with the late Ayimba, a renowned former rugby player and coach. However, they fell out and she dragged him to court for child support months before he fell ill and died. Things turned uglier during Ayimba’s burial, an event Moraa was initially barred from attending.

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