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Nameless becomes first dad in Africa to be on diaper package

In a move to promote fathers as caregivers, Nip Nap brand of diapers has for the first featured a man on its package.

The move is said to be the ‘first in history’ as the majority of the counties only exclusively showed women and babies in its advertising in the past.

Its newly packaged diapers feature David Mathenge, commonly known as Nameless in entertainment circles front with his youngest daughter – a first for the company and the region.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Nameless said that tradition has blinded us and that we should move on.

“It doesn’t matter if I have three cars, we should believe in who we are because were born at different times and things have changed. We should encourage each other as nothing has changed, nothing is wrong,” he said.

Nameless is married to singer Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, and recently landed an ambassadorial of the brand said that it was a privilege to have Shiru, the young daughter at the time they did and that “people should understand the power of having two parents being involved.”

Nameless and his daughter displayed on the package come as part of the new line of eco-friendly diapers.

The father of three daughters added that it was a blessing.

Traditionally, most diaper packages feature women and chubby babies.

In 2019, Huggies brand released a new line of diapers that featured a black family in its packaging.

The move was said to be the first as the company had exclusively shown white babies and parents in its advertising in the past.

The inclusive packaging prompted positive responses from people who were compelled to purchase diapers just out of support.

Financial details of the endorsement deal bagged by Nameless and Wahu have not been made public.

The duo has been together for close to two decades without creating fuss related to celebrity couples.