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WATCH: Why comedian Churchill questioned his salary as a creative

Comedian Churchill Ndambuki has revealed he questioned about making less money than some of his crew members.

Churchill was speaking at the International Creator Day held at the Chandaria Auditorium, University of Nairobi Towers.

Expounding on the theme of self-ownership, Churchill encouraged aspiring content creators to take control of their narratives and financial destinies.

“God has given you the idea, so you decide your worth. You don’t need a rate card; it starts with you. Package yourself and create a community. That’s how you become successful,” Churchill said.

Churchill also reminded attendees that creativity knows no bounds.

“You can create content from any profession. Whether you’re a doctor, an engineer, or any other professional, you have the power to share your story and connect with audiences,” he said.

Addressing a diverse audience of content creators, Churchill emphasised the importance of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment in the creative field.

“In life, you can achieve success in one year after toiling for 50 years. The reason why many creatives and actors struggle financially for extended periods is due to the influence of individuals behind the scenes,” Churchill remarked.


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He also recounted questioning the financial dynamics within the industry.

“One day I asked the producer, ‘Why is the producer getting paid more than I am when I am the talent?’ He told me, ‘This guy has gone to school and came with skills'” Churchill revealed as he encouraged them on the importance of going to school.

During his speech, Churchill urged creators to focus on producing content that resonates with a wide audience, including their parents, and can be shared and scaled up for corporate engagement.

“What will sustain you is the quality of your content. Can you share it with your parents? Can they refer your content to others? Can you scale it up and make it appealing enough for corporate engagement?” Churchill questioned.

International Creator Day, celebrated on April 23rd, aims to recognize the impact of content creators who inspire, educate, and entertain audiences worldwide.

This year’s theme focused on content monetization and career opportunities for youth, organized by the Kenya Social Media Awards (SOMA) in collaboration with Safaricom, Meta, and the University of Nairobi.

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