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Samidoh, Muigai Wa Njoroge’s banter over drama involving their women

Renowned Kikuyu musicians Samuel Muchoki, known as Samidoh, and his counterpart Muigai Wa Njoroge entertained fans not only with their music but also with a light-hearted exchange about their personal lives.

The banter began with Muigai Wa Njoroge jokingly expressing his eagerness to return home to his wives.

“I want to go home because my wives are waiting for me,” he teased, prompting Samidoh to playfully ask if one of his wives hadn’t left him.

“Hasn’t one of your wives run away?” Samidoh joked.

Muigai quickly defended himself, explaining that his wives hadn’t left him, but had decided to live separately.

“They just move out and decide to live alone,” he countered.

He then turned the conversation to Samidoh’s own romantic history, mentioning his separation from his wife Edday.

“Weren’t you also dumped at the height of your love?” Muigai teased, to which Samidoh responded with a touch of humour, comparing the way their wives left each other.

“Mine left in a plane, but your wife left on a motorcycle,” Samidoh said.

The exchange continued as Muigai pointed out the convenience of his wife’s mode of departure compared to Samidoh’s situation, suggesting that Samidoh would have to apply for a visa to visit his wife.

“If I want mine, I will just get on a motorbike and go to where she is, but if you want yours, you will have to apply for a visa to see yours,” Muigai joked.

Samidoh, however, was unfazed, citing his financial success and newfound ease of travel.

“I have made money and a trip abroad these days is like a trip to my home country,” he said to the laughter of his fans.

In April 2023, Samidoh’s first wife, Edday Nderitu, left Kenya with their three children.

At the same time, Muigai Wa Njoroge’s first wife, Njeri, announced her departure from their polygamous union.

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