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Exclusive: Nameless shares his experiences of being a parent in his 40s

Renowned singer David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, has shared that his third daughter, Shiro, was the highlight of his 2023, emphasising a shift towards a family-centric approach.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Nameless revealed that the arrival of Shiro added a new dynamic to their household.

“The highlight of the year was the arrival of my third-born daughter, Shiro, who has added a new dynamic to our household. Witnessing the older siblings adapting to their roles as big sisters has been heartwarming,” he said.

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Amid economic challenges, Nameless shared that staying grounded at home became a central theme of the year.

Despite the rough economic climate, he considers the family’s well-being a huge blessing.

“You know as an older parent now, my attention is keenly focused on our kid’s healthy development and growth. Amid economic challenges, staying grounded at home became a central theme of the year. And despite the rough economic climate, the fact that we are still doing well feels like a huge blessing. I also took advantage of the slower pace to become a more involved mentor to my children, making the most of the time spent within the family circle,” he said.

Nameless says he initially planned to take a break from releasing new music in 2023, feeling burnt out from previous years of relentless efforts in the music industry.

Seeking respite and a chance to be more present at home, he is now back in the studio recording fresh content for the current year.

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Reflecting on raising children across different generations, Nameless also shared that their parents are now their responsibility.

“Before even that, our parents are now our responsibility. They are good, but age is catching up with them and so they are slowing down. It is something that people who are our age, parents start requiring us more and that is part of growing up. Despite the challenges, we consider ourselves fortunate that they are still with us, and as siblings, we rally together to assist each other.”

Speaking about his firstborn daughter, Tumiso, he said he is dedicated to identifying and nurturing her strengths while providing guidance on areas where she may need support.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by teenagers, Nameless emphasises the need to continually support his daughter’s confidence and offer guidance.

“As her parent and also her mentor, I’m dedicated to identifying and nurturing her strengths and addressing any weaknesses.

You know also, being a teenager, she faces some peer pressure, requiring me to continually support her confidence and offer guidance on areas where she excels,” he said.

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He expressed the importance of understanding life better as a kid’s life coach.

As for his second-born daughter Nyakio, Nameless also mentioned that she is navigating her path, and he is accompanying her journey with understanding and support.