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Akothee: Celebrities living double lives

The life of a celebrity is not all about the glitz and glamour.

Rather, these media personalities are often forced to live a double life owing to some sense of rollar coaster behind the curtains.

That’s according to singer Akothee, real name Esther Akoth, who recently opened up on how how musicians are suffering in silence in a bid to meet the fan’s expectations.

She adds that there is no person who is as vulnerable as a public figure and sometimes it only takes a hug to help them push through.

“I wish the world knew what it takes to be a star. May be most celebrities will hide their emotions, but trust me ,there is no one who needs support like a star?, there is no one person who is as vulnerable like a public figure ? Sometimes we don’t ask for too much but just a hug ?,” the singer wrote on Instagram.

“It won’t kill me by telling you that, off cameras we cry, we break down and we lose it sometimes. It becomes very lonely, because of what other people made you go through. You suspect everyone and trust very few, making life very difficult to live a double life ?If you have a chance of staying anywhere around one super star, please SUPPORT THEM ? kindly understand that creatives are not normal people,” she added.

Akothee also encouraged family members to support their siblings who are in the public spotlight and not start engaging in negative competition.

It comes a few months after she accused unnamed family members of taking advantage of her popularity for their own selfish interests.

“Have you ever seen in a family of seven with 3 super stars? Never, the rest have to share the first superior Name that occurred and built that empire. If you have a star in your Family, Embrace and support that Gift. Most people want to see you fail, very few want your success. Don’t wait to post me on your page for likes and Comments when I am dead, yet you never posted any of my work or my birthday to thank me?.”