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Akothee’s daughter unveils her new catch

Kenyan singer Nancy Akoth aka Akothee’s first born daughter Vesha Okello has shown off his new boyfriend.

The young entrepreneur shared a Tiktok video where she was dancing to a challenge, and behind her popped a dapper-looking gentleman backing her up as she smiled in ecstasy.

In the caption, the businesswoman wrote, “Finally he accepted.”

The identity of the man is yet to be fully disclosed and put on public record, Vesha deliberately omitted his name and he was also very keen on not revealing his face on the video, having worn a baseball cap.

Commenting on the video, netizens joked a lot on whether the affair would stand the test of time.

Known to give blunt remarks and share unfiltered comments on her daughters’ posts, many fans asked where Vesha’s mother, the self-proclaimed president of single mothers was, as they greatly anticipated her comment on the video.

Almost two years ago, Vesha shared a photo of her then-boyfriend who received a lot of criticism about his looks but Vesha did not give a thought to public opinion.

She has since remained mum about her dating life, until now. 

Vesha is known to keep her personal life private despite her much-publicized family life with her mother and sisters. She, however, does not shy away from flaunting her extravagant life, and her taste for the finer things in life. 

In July, the petite Akothee Safaris director gifted herself a brand new car for her birthday and couldn’t help but share the great news with her social media friends. 

Incidentally Vesha’s mum also recently unveiled her new catch.

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