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Alarm as wave of crimes of passion soars

Attacks related to love, infidelity and marital conflict have been on the increase in Nyeri County at least for the past few weeks.

In the last three weeks, five people have died in crimes of passion. All the victims except one were men and although the crimes happened in different locations, they had similarities.

For instance, in all the incidents, the couple had argued shortly before the attack. In three of the cases, either one or both of the couples were drunk.

This means alcohol has become a flashpoint in the domestic violence despite efforts by the President to stamp out illicit drinks.

Regional police coordinator Larry Kieng’ in an interview with the Nation attributed the upsurge in crimes of passion to alcoholism and lack of cooperation by the public.

He said that despite setting up of structures to address domestic violence, locals were not utilizing them.


Psychology experts on the other hand believe that the problem is more of a mental problem that requires psychiatric help.

According to Evelyne Gitau, a psychologist, crimes of passion could be as a result of an underlying mental condition or emotional distress.

“For some, they could have an existent condition that makes them delusional that their spouse is an infidel. Others could be acting out of emotional distress,” she said.

She recommended that warring couples or individuals who show signs of insecurity be put under therapy and counselling to avert criminal cases.

In a recent case, a 52-year-old man was burned to death in his house in Kihome, Othaya, after a fight with his wife.

The father of two died in bed when the house caught fire at around 2am. The source of the fire is yet to be known as detectives continue to investigate likely suicide and possible homicide.


According to neighbours, he was drunk when he arrived home at 9pm and had an altercation with his wife. He is said to have threatened to kill her but she fled to her mother’s house.

In another incident, a man, 33, was found dead in Kieni in what police described as a love affair gone wrong. Mr Ephrain Weru’s body was found by the roadside at Mureru, near Nanyuki Town.

According to police, preliminary findings show he was hit on the back of the head with a blunt object.

The man is said to have quarrelled with a former lover, who was arrested, hours before the body was found.

In Kieni West, a man, 39, was stabbed to death by his wife after he found her having lunch with another man after the two separated over domestic issues.

In Chinga, a month ago, an estranged lover hacked his former girlfriend to death after she rejected him.