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Amos and Josh set to release 10-video album

Dynamic duo Amos and Josh have released the second video of their upcoming project titled Contrast. The video to the song, Dansi na Mi, is a sequel to Moto Moto.

Speaking to Showbuzz, Amos said they are already done with the album but are yet to settle on a release date.

“The release date depends on how fans are receiving our material. The bulk of the work in the album is complete; we have already shot five videos but there are five more to go. We shall drop the five then the rest we will unveil when we have an official launch date for the album,” he said.

Amos, however, did not reveal how much the project has so far cost them but said: “It’s unbelievably costly because what we have already spent is crazy.”

In the video, Amos has already found his dream girl… but he declined to comment on whether he has got her in real life, stating. “I usually don’t like putting my private life out there.”