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An accounts clerk with flair for words

From 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, Faith Daud works as an accounts clerk for a Nairobi based firm.

When she is not managing books and petty cash or preparing the payroll, the 24-year-old does web-content writing.

Being a web wordsmith as she calls it entails research, writing and contributing articles to online publications based on the requirements of her clients.

Stumble onto a job

Ironically, Faith studied mass communication in college but stumbled onto accounting during her internship and when she settled in, she was trained on the job. 

She is detail oriented; a trait that has enabled her to keep accurate records and quickly integrate into the team. 

Throughout primary and high schools, Faith kept a journal and a small book where she wrote poems.

“I loved reading to feed my mind and writing to drain it,” she said. 

Even when she found herself growing roots in an unexpected career, she continued writing her thoughts down on paper but only started seeing it as a viable source of income when in 2012 she bumped into an old friend who was making money online. 

At first, she was reluctant and it took her a month of research to ascertain the validity of the idea. When she was sure, she used her savings to buy a laptop and began doing what she loves most, for a fee.

The most prized attribute of an online writer is that they are reliable. For this reason, she has to work odd hours to meet her clients’ demands. The upside is that with set deadlines, she is free to make her own schedule.


In spite of the job differences, Faith is keen not to give her employer reasons to feel as if it is a problem. She achieves this by being efficient at her workplace, often going the extra mile.

In addition to the additional income, her side hustle is helping her gain something which is even more valuable in the form of experience and skills development, things that she is sure will be useful in future.

“I am content juggling the two for now but I hope for a time when I can dedicate all my time and energy to writing,” she said.