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Why Atheists in Kenya want February 17 declared a public holiday

The Atheists in Kenya Society is asking the government to declare February 17 a public holiday to celebrate the “freedom” that the non-believers’ body offer.

In a letter addressed to interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery, the society said it was their constitutional right to receive equal treatments, equal protection and benefits of the law.

“On the 17th of February, we want to celebrate the fact that atheism frees up a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted in worship. We want to celebrate atheism because it prevents one from being ripped off by religious charlatans,” the society’s president harrison Mumia said.

“We want to celebrate atheism because it provides great freedom and at the same time great responsibility, since we are not looking forward to the promise of heaven or the punishment of hell,” he added.

“We want to celebrate atheism because we can now do things without worrying about metaphysical reward or punishment. We want to celebrate the fact that the results of our actions as atheists are our responsibility and we can’t blame it on sin,” he concluded.