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Is this the newest scheme by bank tellers to defraud clients?

By NAIRA HABIB February 2nd, 2018 2 min read

City women have shared experiences of how bank attendants might be defrauding their clients of money whenever they make over the counter transactions.

At all started when one online user recounted of the popular Facebook group Kilimani Mums Uncensored how she was almost defrauded of Sh10,000 by a bank teller.

In her narration, the lady says that she asked the teller to give her Sh60,000 in cash and send the remaining Sh10,000 via M-Pesa in her transaction at a local bank.

Since she had a fussy baby she just wanted the process to end quickly and did not count the money, only to discover later on that she had been given Sh50,000 in cash instead of Sh60,000.


She went back to bank immediately and the teller who had made the transaction promptly gave her the remaining Sh10,000 without saying a word.

“Bankers have become modern day thieves. Went to withdraw money in one local bank 70k to be precise told the teller to give me 60k cash 10k to Mpesa me. Had a fussy infant so I just wanted to leave as soon as I could,” she narrated.

“Left but instinct told me to recount. Kumbe I was given 50K cash, 10k kwa mpesa, 10k ikabaki na huyo teller. Went back breathing fire but when she saw me hata hakubishana she gave me my 10k even without need for identification.

“Please recount your money before leaving the bank, issa modern day time robbery going on there,” she concluded.

The post received a lot of reactions from other online users with some also sharing their own experiences and advising the public to always count the money before leaving the bank.


“Waahhh that is wrong and unethical,” said one online user.

“It happens ndio sababu hakubishana even big money,” wrote another online user.

“Vile aki I have been a frequent client to that particular bank and I never used to count my money so maybe nimekua niki ibiwa bila kujua,” wondered another group member.

“Whaat? Thanks for the information,” said another online user.

“More so, went through same problem sometimes back,” commented one online user.

“Woi..Mimi I always count na mkono…I don’t trust tellers,” said another group member.

“That’s quite unfortunate but am sure she just forgot bankers are human too,” suggested one group member.

“Huyo alichukua mingi most steal 1k from a lot of cash… You find this habit in banks and are notorious,” said one online user.