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Bata responds to school shoes quality concerns

Bata Shoe Company has responded to online users’ concerns over the quality of their school shoes.

As schools opened for the first term of the year, some parents lodged complaints on the company’s Facebook page claiming they had purchased poor quality shoes from different outlets.

Most users complained about a particular brand, Toughees, which they said had quality issues.

The company has however posted a response on the page stating that it had received the concerns and was investigating to get the particular batch that had issues.


“We thank you for your feedback. Our goal is to maintain our heritage of providing our esteemed customers with good quality products as we have done over the years. Your concerns have been noted and various quality teams have been assigned to look into the issue and to identify the batch(s) with the problem. We shall continue to review the production process and streamline it to ensure that this does not occur in future,” read the full statement.

Some parents had attached photo evidence to their complaints posted on the company’s page showing how their children’s shoes looked, days after purchase.