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OFFICE ROMANCE: For a ‘bed job’ well done!

By JO March 11th, 2018 2 min read

Recently I was seated in a restaurant and in the adjacent table were three ladies who were having a juicy discussion. I do not play deaf to eavesdropping. We all know that other people’s stories could be more tasty than ours and we are all guilty of the eavesdropping menace, so please zip it.

One of the ladies, who was obviously more striking than the rest, had a somewhat annoying loud pitch as she was busy complaining over an office mishap.

In her own words, “He fired me ati because his wife was having a surprise visit and ati she found a tampon chini ya table, what cheap argument is that, na ni yeye ndiyo alitoa…”

Then they all burst in laughter.

That disgusted me in ways that I did not see need to even dare place judgement or question. It only got me thinking at the ends to which women are still headed in saving themselves at work places.

That comment in itself has so much weight. First, don’t women care anymore about reputation damage? Or it’s all about give me the money, the position, buy me a wig way?

I was shocked in my thought that ‘those ancient ways’ of sleeping with your boss or supervisor in order to get a ‘saving at work’ are still in play.


I mean, it’s a tough world outside here, and yes that lady will not be the last to commit such ‘a common act’ but the fact that she sounded very confident saying that she does not feel right being fired got me thinking. Do such women really require some form of CV?

They get it the easy way, no play, just legs wide open; anywhere could do, the office desk, the office, maybe at the basement or perhaps let’s pretend we are dating, after I get the seat let’s break up. All this is fun and easy but what form of work ethic are we putting out?

The male bosses too. I mean, why pretend to interview a lady that you will eventually bed in order to hire her? In short, their degree of performance is measured by how well they make your body tick.

So let me make this math easy. Dear women, who feel the need to save your jobs or whatever cheap slate you got, be good at it. If you are going to  open legs to your boss atleast be very good at it. Do it well and be discreet about it.

Everyday when you get to the office and still have a job, know that your bed skills heavily outweigh your qualifications. You are just but a prop that will soon be called for a booty call and later get the pay cheque at the end of the month, as salary for a ‘bed job’ well done!

Oh, and to my heroic male bosses. So long as she around she is a reminder that you, my friend, have more lust than power. The common saying brawn over brain is you. For one, you are a cheat, two, your wife is gonna bust you someday, and three, you gonna fire your lust magnet and later be seated in a boardroom hoping as you do this interview another easy ‘meat’ with poor papers will come along. That, my friend, is your pogrammed life in few words.

But hey, free life many bad choices. I ain’t a saint you ain’t either… So let’s keep on sipping coffee and keep eavesdropping aay!!!