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Bread prices go up

A 400g loaf of bread will cost Sh5 more in the coming days, an increase attributed to the rising cost of production.

Nearly all bread brands have recorded the price increase, with a 400g loaf likely to trade at Sh60, while the 600g which was trading at Sh60 likely to retail at between Sh70 and Sh75.

Bread is a staple on almost all breakfast tables in the country, meaning any price increase is keenly felt.

According to Mini Bakeries, the manufacturers of the Supa Loaf brand, the increase in prices of bread are due to the increased price of raw materials such as wheat.

“Due to the increase of ingratiates of manufacturing bread, we have no other option but to inform you that from 15 February, 2022, our prices will increase.’

The rising cost of wheat flour adds to an already expensive shopping basket for consumers as prices of other basic items such as milk and sugar have gone up.

A spot check in major outlets showed that the cost of 1kg of sugar has risen from Sh125 to Sh160 in the last two months.

The cost of a 2kg packet of maize flour has also increased from Sh105 to Sh125 while the price of a 500ml packet of milk has risen from Sh50 to Sh55.

The cost of one litre of cooking oil has gone up from Sh265 to Sh325 while that of an 800-gram bar soap has risen from Sh120 to Sh150 since November last year.

The high food price in the year 2021 was attributed to a mix of forces such as high cost of fuel, disruptions in the supply chain, depreciation of the shilling against the dollar, global food prices, end of economic relief from economic relief the government and unfavourable weather.