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Break free! Three addictions rarely mentioned but worth overcoming

By Winnie Mabel October 26th, 2023 3 min read

The Oxford Dictionary describes addiction as ‘the condition of being unable to stop using or doing something as a habit, especially something harmful.’ According to the National Institute of Health research conducted by American scientists in October 2015, it was found that addiction is a long-lasting and complex brain disease, and even those who successfully treat them are at risk of relapsing.

Further, the scientists found that addiction’s power lay in its capability of hijacking and destroying key brain regions meant to help humans survive. A healthy brain, it was found, rewarded healthy behaviors by switching on brain circuits that make one feel wonderful and motivated. On the other hand, an addicted brain is rewired and begins working against the human. Vices such as drugs, pain killers, alcohol, porn and other addictive things hijack the pleasure/reward brain circuits and make the human hooked into wanting more of the vice.

Addiction can run in a family, can be caused when a person is exposed to stressful situations such as abuse, social and peer pressure. People suffering from various addictions exhibit behaviors and traits such as intense uncontrollable cravings, withdrawal, compulsion to use or engage in the addictive activity, neglect of responsibilities, loss of interest in things they enjoyed before, secrecy and deception as well as isolation, becoming emotionally unhinged and developing routines around their addiction.

That said, Nairobi News lists three overlooked addictions worth overcoming for a healthy, sociable and happy life:

  1. Comparison- Comparison is the thief of joy. Socially comparing yourself to other people is highly addictive- especially when you believe others are better off and have it easier than you. You must overcome this addiction lest you suffer intense low self esteem issues, relationship strain as jealousy will thrive, reduced life satisfaction and depression. To overcome this, work on your self awareness. Learn how to be gracious with yourself and counting your blessings and achievements in life without comparing it to others. You must chose to focus on your personal growth on your own terms over running a race no lane has been prepared for you.
  2. Phone addiction- Some people may not consider this an addiction but phone addiction does exist. You will find an addict being over reliant on and has a compulsive use for the phone even in unnecessary situations. They are hooked to how their phones provide them with a wide range of apps and communication tools such as social media and messaging apps that provide them with instant social connection as opposed to cultivating physical connections, instant gratification to relieve stress such as amassing likes on social media; and entertainment- streaming sites, music and games. To overcome this addiction, a person must develop routines that will allow them to balance mobile phone usage and living their lives. Create phone free times and zones that will prevent you from using the phone at particular times, track your phone usage to understand what your use is like and how it can be reduced, engage in offline activities and reward yourself when you find your phone use time is reducing.
  3. Complaining- Have you ever come across someone who is often complaining or lamenting in situations where their complaints are uncalled for? Well, it can become an addiction- an outlet for an addict to emotionally relieve themselves if they are angry, frustrated or when they are looking for validation to support their beliefs and actions. They may also do this as a means of attention seeking or distracting themselves from other issues they are dealing with. It is hard to be around people addicted to complaining- even if at one point you agree with one of their complaints. To overcome this addiction, an addict must work on changing their mindset- focus on solutions rather than problems they can complain about. Obviously, professional help is a must but they must develop other coping mechanisms when they find they want to complain about the smallest of things to anyone walking by.

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