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Exclusive: Tuku Kantu of Vijana Barubaru ventures into the world of acting, describes his DM

Tuku Kantu, a prominent figure in the celebrated music group Vijana Barubaru, is embarking on a captivating new journey—one he never anticipated.

The accomplished artist is making his mark in the acting world, portraying the character Taji in the latest Maisha Magic Telenovela, “Kasiri.”

“Kasiri,” a telenovela that delves into the age-old adage that “the rich also cry,” promises to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative.

The story revolves around Zula, an extraordinarily wealthy man who falls victim to a tragic home invasion, unearthing a complex tapestry of passion, deception, revelations, secrets, and shocking discoveries within the confines of his opulent abode.

In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Tuku opened up about his social media experiences, particularly the barrage of love and admiration he receives from admirers.

He described his DM (Direct Messages) as a place where women frequently express their desires to become his girlfriends.

Tuku Kantu and his music partner, Mwana wa Wambui, are celebrated for their hit song, “Romantic Call.”

Tuku humorously remarked about the influx of messages he receives, sharing:

“My DM is too much. I received an email, and the heading was ‘reapplication for finding love.’ I like challenges, and there’s a technology that limits your responses. You can tell when people want you personally and when it’s business. Girls tell me they want to marry me on TikTok.”

While Tuku is currently in a relationship, he explained that he safeguards his girlfriend’s peace of mind by not allowing her to access his phone.

He recognizes the importance of separating his personal and professional life.

“I have separated my brand from my real name. I don’t allow her to touch my phone just to protect her, and that’s safe for her. I wouldn’t block people,” he shared.

Tuku also encouraged aspiring young artists to explore acting, emphasizing that he is thoroughly enjoying this new phase of his life.

“Music and art are rewarding, but art can be even more lucrative. If you’re a young artist and want to give it a try, don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking that art doesn’t pay. Take the leap,” he advised.