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British newspaper exposes Deya’s ‘miracle’ cancer cure scam

A British newspaper has sensationally revealed details of how Kenyan-born preacher Gilbert Deya has been using ‘miracle olive oil’ as a wonder cure for cancer at his church in Peckham, South London.

The investigative report  by The Sun newspaper also captured video evidence of how the preacher is still obtaining money from unsuspecting couples by promising to help them conceive miracle babies.

In the report, Mr Deya is heard promising undercover investigators who posed as a couple that they would conceive a baby in six months.


He even parades three children that he alleges were born six months apart stating; “After she was born, six months he was born, six months he was born, six months he was born. The mother is here.”

The undercover investigator asked him; “So you helped their mother give birth every six months?”

Deya replied; “In the name of Jesus, everybody knows about this.”

After the conversation, Deya’s son, Amos, then asked the couple to deposit £700 (Sh 101,780) upfront and remember to bring another donation when the woman conceives.

Deya with his personalised helicopter. PHOTO | FILE
Deya with his personalised helicopter. PHOTO | FILE


Apart from the babies scam, the woman in the undercover couple also posed as a cancer patient.

A Pastor, said to be Deya’s assistant, tells her to be using ‘miracle’ olive oil in her food. She was told not to use any other oil.

She was then “charged £5 for the 750ml bottle of Solesta extra virgin olive oil, which has an Aldi logo on the label. The same oil cost £1.99 in the supermarket,” according to the report.

The activities of Mr Deya were first exposed in Kenya when dozens of children were found in his Nairobi home leading to the arrest and subsequent prosecution of his wife Mary Deya.


His wife was charged with stealing a baby and jailed for three years.

In 2014 she lost the first appeal at the High Court before Justice Mbogholi Msagha after she challenged the jail term handed by former magistrate Grace Nzioka.

The magistrate found her guilty of stealing a baby on September 10, 2005 at the Kenyatta National Hospital, and giving false information to Dr James Kiarie that she had given birth to the child in question.

She was set to complete her term in September 2015.