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Buju Banton has some kind words for Kenya

Reggae and Dancehall artiste Buju Banton performed in Kenya on February 8 in a much-anticipated show.

And for the first time since the show, he has spoken about the reception the sold-out show had. He says he was impressed with the turnout and the love Kenyans have for reggae.

“The people of Kenya wanted to share in the experience of the ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ and the organizers did a good job. Kenya is a beautiful place and they love our music,” Buju told Winford Williams on his popular show On Stage.

“I was very impressed. I know West Africa loves reggae music – Ghana, Togo Senegal and especially the Gambia we see them demanding for proper reggae shows frequently but I never Kenya was so much into it as well. What is happening there is great.”

“The first time I was in Africa was in 1999 and I spent most of my time there educating them about our music but now all that has changed and they love our music. The influence our music has had over there is great they even produce reggae music and that is great,” he added.

Watch the full show below:


Buju’s new album “Upside Down” is expected to be out in 2020 and will comprise of 20 tracks.

“This album comprises of 20 tracks. Why? Because it’s 2020… and another reason, after a 10-year absence, we try to give the people some music for that missing time,” he said.