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How burglars are using ‘death drug’ to send tenants to sleep

Burglars in Engineer town, Kinangop, in Nyandarua County are having a field day.

They have invented a way of sedating house owners before opening doors and stealing all they want before leaving at their pleasure. In some houses, the burgalrs have had the time to heat and eat left-over food as their victim snore all night.

House owners have lately been waking up to the rude shock finding their houses completely empty.

It suspected the criminals are using  a ‘death drug’ to send their victims to deep slumber.

Most affected are residential houses in Small Word, Silent and neighboring estates.


A tenant, Susan Wambui, narrated how she woke up to find a man eating food she had left after supper as his colleagues leisurely packed and carried her household goods from the house.

“I was alerted by some movements in the house only to spot a young man busy holding a plate full of ugali and vegetables. They had heated the food before taking away the gas cooker,” said Ms Wambui.

The criminals escaped after she raised the alarm.

Mr James Maina and Joel Ngure had similar ordeals to share. They both said that they woke to find the burglars packaging and carrying away household items.

“I woke up to find a man staring at me, they had packed everything, I suspect he wanted to carry the blanket too. We suspect the criminals are from within,” said Mr Ngure.

The residents are appealing for improved police patrols throughout the night. All incidents were reported to have happened between midnight and wee hours in the morning.