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Silliest ‘cases’ Kenyans are reporting through anti-graft body’s new hotlines

Cheeky Kenyans online have not missed the opportunity to report ridiculous corruption ‘cases’ to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) through the body’s newly-unveiled hotline numbers.

While unveiling the hotlines – 0715 007700 and 0783 777700 – EACC said the move is another step in their fight against corruption, which will enable Kenyans to report cases directly to the commission.

Online though, it was all fun and jest for cheeky Kenyans who trolled the commission with hilarious memes.


“I am reporting Chicken Gate scam, Jersey Island scam, NYS 1-3 scam , Wetangula scam, Mafya House scam, Galana Kulalu scam, Arror Kimwarer (Tanga Tanga scam) , Laptop scam, Stadiums scam, KPLC Token scam, KPC pipeline scam…. scams scams everywhere. In plain sight” tweeted
Gideon Ngumbau‏.

“I would like to report the whole government,” islander commented.

“Hotlines to report small fish & omenas,” Luiz Mash‏ posted.


“Wonderful sensitization but the war on corruption will be won when all DCI.DPP.NSP&EACC plus citizens work together without compromise…DCI may do the work but if DPP or NPS fails to support… evidence distorted then the courts will enter ‘withdrawn verdict on acccuseds,” IBRAHIMMARUTI‏ commented.

“These numbers are always there but doesn’t help I did call them and explained a situation to them two months down the line no action, bure kabsa,” said Nicky Odongi‏

“You report and action is taken on the whistle blower. This guys are jokes (sic),” Keg Ambassador said.