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Cebbie: I owe my success to Akothee

Singer Akothee’s sister Cebbie has revealed that it is because of her famous sister that her career has become successful.

Speaking during an interview on Friday, Cebbie said that when her sister Akothee started singing and came into the limelight, that is what gave her the keys to open the doors that had been closed.

“Number one I give credit to her she made it quite easy because through her I have used some of the keys that she gave me to open doors,” said Cebbie.

“I won’t say that without her I wouldn’t be Cebbie, but I would say that it is her energy or her existence that has catapulted me to that level.”

Cebbie is the founder of Virtual 21 PR firm.

She says she was not prepared for the popularity she acquired because of her sister.

“In fact, I was not even prepared for the fame, to be honest, I was baptised by fire in 2017,” she went on.

Cebbie maintained that she was still in good terms with Akothee even though the relationship between the two has been reported to be strained. This was after Cebbie was exposed for badmouthing Akothee to her lover.

“My love for Akothee is crazy, she is more of my mother and I grew up under her care. So I think there is nothing that can shake the bond between us, maybe death. Everything else is secondary to our bond, friendship and relationship. She is someone I look up to and I love her so much and respect her,” said Cebbie.