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Cece Sagini to wed secretly

By THOMAS MATIKO November 6th, 2017 1 min read

Just weeks after ditching secular music for gospel, Afro-Soul songbird Cecilia Sagini Kemunto famously known as Cece Sagini, is planning a secret wedding.

The I Am Doer hit-maker got engaged to her photographer fiancé Victor Peace on live TV last year.

The two lovebirds attended the same primary school but only started dating later in their adult years.

The couple is now planning to get married, but unlike other celebrities, Cece says her wedding will be “very private” for the sake of their families’ privacy.

“We will keep that private, you can’t put everything out there. We have to maintain some boundaries. As much as we are public figures, we have to consider our relatives; there are things in African culture that you just don’t do. So don’t worry you will see the photos once it’s done,” Cece said.

Since releasing her last secular jam Ensobobo in July last year, the soft spoken lass went under the radar only to emerge this year with the news that she had seen the light and would no longer do secular music.