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KU student collapses and dies after party

A first-year Kenyatta University student died after a night of partying.

Moreen Chepkemei was in the company of two other girls and a man during the Saturday night party.

She is reported to have complained of a headache at around 2am and the male friend only identified as Joseph offered to give her some pain killers which were in his car.

The two left to get the medicine and stayed away for about an hour according to Kenyatta University Students Association (Kusa) chairman Lone Felix.

An hour later, the two students called the man to drive them back to the main campus where they stay.

“At this point, the three friends say, they found Moreen on the front passenger seat,” said Mr Lone.

They drove to Ruiru Campus where Moreen was staying but she was reportedly unconscious and they decided to take her back with them to the main campus.

But at around 5am they called an ambulance but she was pronounced dead when she arrived  at the university’s Health Unit.

The matter has been reported to the police with an autopsy expected to determine the cause of death of the student expected to be performed soon.

“We are very keen on ensuring that justice is served and therefore expect the suspect to be arraigned in court earliest by Monday, to respond to the said allegations against him. The entire student leadership regrets the loss of the 19-year-old. This is too young a life to be lost,”  said Lone.

The university has yet to respond to inquiries on the death.

This is the second mysterious death of a student from the university in the last one week with another having been reported dead in Kahawa on Tuesday.