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How city MP Theuri rudely responded to constituent who engaged him online

Embakasi West MP George Theuri on Tuesday rudely responded to a constituent who had sought to know why a contractor had abandoned a road construction site.

Instead, Theuri told the constituent to deal with her menstrual periods first before engaging him online.

The resident had commented on a Governor Mike Sonko post tagging her MP while asking the governor to find out from the area MP why the contractor had abandoned site.

“Ask mca mark Mugambi Macharia, George Theuri the G area road where did the contractor go? The 17 matatu pass through the estate making it a highway of matatu also endangering school going kids,” she wrote.


Theuri replied to the comment telling the constituent that it was a county government project, “they ask me as who? Don’t u know the county govt is the one undertaking that project ama uliambiwa contractor ni wetu ndio niulizwe kule alienda?”

The constituent responded that as the area MP he should have answers, to which Theuri replied, “naona mashiro zinakusumbua change pad kwanza ndio tuongee.”


The resident just laughed off the response but Nairobi News sought to find out why the legislator rudely responded to her.


In our brief conversation with Theuri, we recapped the online conversation then asked why he rudely responded to the constituent.

Theuri promptly hang up the phone.

The legislator is in the habit of rudely engaging constituents online. In September 2015 he had to apologise after residents told him they had every right to seek answers from him on dilapidated roads.

In May 2016 the youthful legislator had yet another encounter with a constituent who complained over the poor state of roads.