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Milly Chebby’s message to ex-bestie Jackie Matubia on her movie ‘Toxic’ – Exclusive

Actress Jackie Matubia is on cloud nine as she prepares for the highly-anticipated premiere of her new YouTube series, ‘Toxic’.

Scheduled to debut on April 17, the series will be exclusively available on Matubia’s YouTube channel, marking a significant milestone in her acting career.

Ahead of the premiere, Matubia’s former best friend, Milly Chebby, had nothing but praise for her.

Speaking to Nairobi News at the NipNap Premium Baby Diapers launch, where Nameless and Wahu were unveiled as brand ambassadors, Chebby shared her excitement for Matubia’s latest venture.

“I am super proud of Jackie. She is a phenomenal actress, and I’ve always told her that. She was born to shine on screen. Taking such a big step, stepping out of her comfort zone to pursue something she’s contemplated for years, is commendable. I can’t wait to watch ‘Toxic’,” Chebby said.

Jackie Matubia says her movie, Toxic addresses the lives of most Kenyans in different ways.

Chebby and her husband, Terence Creative, attended the launch event and spoke about the inspiration they draw from the iconic couple, Nameless and Wahu.

“In a world where you can be anything, kindness matters. Nameless and Wahu have proven that with hard work and putting God first, you can remain relevant for as long as you desire. They inspire us to step out of our comfort zones and continuously challenge ourselves. It’s not just about relying on academic qualifications; God can bless you through various means to achieve your dreams,” Chebby added.

Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby were once best of friends until 2023.

Although their separation occurred in July 2023, the couple chose to make it public in October 2023, following Matubia’s noticeable absence from Chebby’s traditional wedding.

Matubia had responded to the fallout, stating that the couple had claimed she was single and had a bad heart.

“Why should I defend myself when they have already said I have a bad heart, and I also don’t have a husband?”

Terence and Milly clarified that they never criticised Matubia for not having a husband.

“If there is a video of me and my wife saying she does not have a husband, I would love for it to be uploaded. But please do not force things we did not say on us.

It is normal for families to have issues and for people to be apart for some time so that they can treasure each other later in life. We wish her all the best and still love her… we are still friends. We speak blessings [on her life].”