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Dr Ofweneke narrates an awkward moment when he Mced an ex’s wedding

Renowned comedian and MC, Dr Ofweneke, whose real name is Sande Bush, recently shared a surprising and awkward experience from his career.

During a YouTube podcast, the talented entertainer recounted the unique situation of having to MC the wedding of one of his ex-girlfriends.

Despite the unconventional circumstances, it was the groom, the new husband of his ex-girlfriend, who insisted on having Dr Ofweneke as the MC for their special day.

“The husband knew about our past but insisted that I was his favourite MC. Even the bride’s family was okay with my involvement,” Dr Ofweneke said.

Reflecting on the experience, he said:

“I had to MC an ex’s wedding. I won’t delve into details, but I believe they’re enjoying a happy marriage. The groom was aware of our history, and yet, he chose me to be their MC. Even the bride’s sisters approved, recognising my expertise in the field. Despite any lingering emotions, they believed I was the best person for the job. I organised the event, from their first dance to the cake cutting.”

Dr Ofweneke says he was compensated handsomely for his services, receiving Sh300,000 for the event.

“I left feeling satisfied with my work,” he added.

While he managed to maintain a professional demeanour throughout the ceremony, Dr Ofweneke observed that his ex-girlfriend seemed uneasy.

“Although I had moved on emotionally, I sensed discomfort from her. Her body language spoke volumes. Later, one of her sisters, under the influence, started discussing our past,” he shared.

In conclusion, Dr. Ofweneke offered a piece of advice, saying, “I always say, strive to be better than the replacement.”

Dr Ofweneke has hosted over 10 popular celebrity weddings in the country.

One of his most notable gigs was hosting the much-talked-about wedding of musician Akothee and her ex-husband, Denis Schweizer, popularly known as ‘Omosh’, in 2023.