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Mathe Wa Ngara loses Sh13.4m of her money found in drug den

Nancy Indoveria Kigunzi, popularly known as Mathe Wa Ngara, lost Sh13.4 million seized from her house last year after the court declared it proceeds of crime.

High Court judge Esther Maina directed that she forfeit the money to the state after failing to explain the source of the money or clarify why she had kept the money in her residence in sacks rather than taking it to a bank where it would have been earning her interest.

The judge added that there was proof that the police recovered in the same residence substance which was later found to be cannabis sativa, a narcotic substance whose possession, use and trafficking is an offence.

“It is also not disputed that the police found three persons in the residence in circumstances that suggest that they were mules used in trafficking the illegal substance,” said the judge.

Justice Maina said she was satisfied that there is proof on a balance of probabilities that the cash was directly connected to criminal activity even though the commission or otherwise of that offence is yet to be determined.

“That an order be and is hereby issued declaring that the sum of Kenya Shillings 13, 474, 520 found in the Respondent’s residence but held at the Central Bank of Kenya is proceeds of crime and therefore liable for forfeiture to the Government of Kenya,” the judge said.

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