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Another major drug bust at ‘Kwa Mathe Wa Ngara’

Police in Nairobi on Monday night, arrested four suspects in an anti-drug operation in Ngara Kariuwa area, popularly known as ‘Kwa Mathe Wa Ngara’.

The operation which was led by Parklands Police Station Commander saw officers seize about 100kg of drugs (bhang) and other paraphernalia, which will now be used as evidence in court.

“Following an outcry from the public that drug dealers were operating with impunity we conducted an operation and managed to confiscate 100kg of drugs and other paraphernalia,” police said in a statement.

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During the operation, Yasmin Mohamed, Edwin Kimani, Fabian Munene and Stephen Kaage were arrested and will be arraigned in court on Tuesday, March 19 to face charges of trafficking in narcotics by keeping.

“The operation will continue until the intended purpose is achieved,” police said.

Last year police raided the area and arrested suspected peddlers, seized millions of shillings and bags of marijuana, and have been on the spot again.

Located some 50 metres off the busy Kipande road, the informal settlement housing the illicit trade remains a beehive of activities despite the highly publicised raid in August last year that saw the arrest of Nancy Kizungu widely known as ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ in local circles.

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The businesswoman was in December freed on a Sh1 million cash bail in the ongoing drug trafficking case levelled against her.

While issuing the verdict, the Nairobi Court ordered Kigunzu to surrender her passport to the court.

‘Mathe Wa Ngara’ had been detained since her arrest on August 21 in connection with a drug bust in Nairobi’s Ngara area, where large quantities of bhang and Sh13.4 million in cash were seized.

She was listed by the NIS as a notorious drug dealer in 2018. The intelligence agency had been at loggerheads with the DCI for alleged complicity in the war on drugs.

Kigunzo is said to have compromised officers from various police stations in Nairobi and reportedly evaded arrest until June 2022, when she was finally arrested.

However, the ODPP decided to talk to her and released her after she paid a Sh500,000 fine.