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Khaligraph Jones faces setback in much-anticipated IG Live with Rick Ross

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones’ much-anticipated Instagram Live session with US rap heavyweight Rick Ross has failed to materialise.

The ‘Chocha’ rapper took to social media to express his frustration, accusing some of his fans of jealousy and envy, which led to his account being reported for an unknown infringement and the planned session being cancelled.

“Today I experienced the most intense highest level of jealousy,” Khaligraph vented on Instagram.

“You guys know today Khaligraph was supposed to go live with the boss but unfortunately that sh*t ain’t happening because apparently some people ganged up against me and they went and reported my account so I’m trying to go live but I’m not getting access to go live.”

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Khaligraph apologised to his disappointed fans who were eagerly awaiting the live session, insisting that the situation was beyond his control.

He assured them that the planned Instagram Live session with Rick Ross would take place at a later date.

“To all the fans who were actually waiting for this, I’m sorry, it’s out of my control, I can’t contain the situation,” Khaligraph explained.

“They did what they did juu we always pushed the envelope to the next level and the niggas always try to downplay our efforts and now it’s come to a point where they’re even going to report the accounts so we can’t go live…next time we do it again”.

Despite the setback, Khaligraph remains optimistic about future collaborations and projects.

Rick Ross has hinted at working with African artists, including Khaligraph and Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz.

This collaboration comes at an exciting time that the American Hip Hop icon prepares to release his highly anticipated solo album ‘Champagne Moments’ and explores new musical ventures that aim to bridge the American hip hop scene with the vibrant sounds of Africa.

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Rick Ross recently had a similar Instagram Live chat with Diamond, during which the Bongo singer assured Rick that he would arrange for Hamisa to speak to him.

In the chat, Diamond revealed plans for a new album, promising fans an unexpected sound. “I’m in the studio right now, I’m about to make them hits,” he revealed. “I want to make sure that this time I give you guys something that’s going to make you all proud.”

In wishing Diamond success, Ross recalled his encounters with music legends during his time in the US and praised Diamond’s achievements in the industry.

The duo collaborated on a song called ‘Waka’ six years ago, and so far it has garnered 14 million views on YouTube.

Shortly after chatting with Diamond, rapper Rick Ross appeared on Instagram Live with Hamisa Mobetto and captivated netizens with their interaction.

During the video call on March 16, the two exchanged compliments, with Rick expressing his interest in possibly visiting Tanzania. “It won’t be too long,” Rick assured the model, hinting at an imminent visit. “You’ll be the first to know,” he added.