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All about TikTok’s new features for creators

TikTok has announced a series of updates to its community guidelines, set to take effect in May.

These updates are designed to offer users greater clarity on existing rules and assist creators in better understanding and adhering to these policies.

Among the key updates is the introduction of new features aimed at enabling creators to easily ascertain if their accounts are in compliance with the platform’s rules.

One such feature is the ‘Account Check,’ which allows creators to swiftly audit their accounts and review their last 30 posts, providing them with an overview of their standing on TikTok.

TikTok has implemented measures to address violations of its For You feed standards.

Creators who repeatedly post content that contravenes these standards will have their entire accounts temporarily ineligible for recommendation in the For You feed.

This means their content will be less discoverable, as it will be harder to find in search results.

TikTok has introduced a warning strike system for creators who breach the Community Guidelines for the first time.

Creators will receive a notification detailing the rule they’ve broken and have the opportunity to appeal if they believe an error has occurred.

However, TikTok maintains a zero-tolerance policy for incitement to violence.

TikTok is publishing the TikTok Creator Code of Conduct, which creators participating in TikTok programs, features, events, and campaigns must adhere to both on and off the platform.

This code of conduct complements the existing Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, further reinforcing TikTok’s commitment to promoting responsible and respectful behaviour among its user community.

During a demonstration session held on Tuesday, April 10, to address concerns regarding TikTok in Kenya, Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, TikTok’s Head of Public Policy and Government Relations for Sub-Saharan Africa, announced that the platform would persist in conducting capacity-building workshops for policymakers and regulatory agencies.

These workshops will prioritise online safety, data privacy, and content moderation.

“We value the opportunity to contribute to keeping our Kenyan community safe on our platform and look forward to collaborating more closely with all our stakeholders in Kenya including government, the media, civil society, parents, teachers, guardians and our wider community itself,” said Mgwili-Sibanda.

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