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Chef Wa Eastlando – This Is why I don’t show my face

In the age of social media, where personal branding is key to success, one content creator is breaking the mold by choosing to remain anonymous.

Chef Wa Eastlando, a rising star in the digital realm have chosen his identity to remain a closely guarded secret.

Known only by his online moniker, Chef Wa Eastlando has managed to captivate audiences without ever revealing his face.

His content, primarily focused on cooking, has garnered significant attention, with one of his TikTok videos amassing over 500,000 views.

In a recent podcast interview, Chef Wa Eastlando shed light on his decision to maintain anonymity.

“I enjoy the freedom of being treated like any other person,” he told Sandwich Podcast.

“Although I’m famous for my content, I don’t want my freedom compromised.”

Comparing his lifestyle to that of well-known celebrities like comedian Eric Omondi, Chef Wa Eastlando highlighted the downsides of fame.

“Comedian Eric Omondi cannot leave his place without being recognised and disturbed by people. That’s what I’m avoiding,” he explained.

Despite his growing popularity, Chef Wa Eastlando remains committed to protecting his identity. “I don’t like what comes with fame. I prefer my life as it was before,” he added.

In the podcast interview, Chef Wa Eastlando revealed his passion for fashion and design.

“Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I couldn’t attend high school,” he shared.

“My dream is to become a fashion designer. I have a deep passion for the field and dedicate a lot of my time to it. I also attended an Arabic school, where I learned the language, thanks to my mother who was a teacher.”

Adding another layer to his unique persona, Chef Wa Eastlando incorporates Sheng’—a blend of English and Swahili slang—into his voiceovers.

Describing himself as a self-taught chef, Chef Wa Eastlando’s bio playfully challenges those curious about his identity:

“You are asking for my face—don’t you have yours?”

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