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TikToker ‘Celebrity Waiter’ speaks on his content creation journey – Exclusive

Clinton Lee, popularly known as the ‘Celebrity Waiter’ on TikTok, has shared insights into his journey in the world of content creation.

Working at the renowned Nairobi hotel, CJ’s, as a waiter, the 28-year-old has carved a niche for himself in the social media realm, boasting over 76,000 followers on TikTok.


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Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Clinton revealed that he ventured into content creation during the challenging times of the 2019-2021 Covid-19 pandemic, as he battled depression.

“I create sounds for people to use in their videos. I also talk about different people, like short girls, girls with dimples, firstborns and their behaviours, couples, and so on,” he explained.

Clinton began his content creation journey in 2020 as a means to cope with depression, using TikTok as an outlet to distract himself from negative thoughts.

“I started content creation back in 2020 for a very particular reason, and then over time, it became part of my source of income,” he shared.

“We were a group of people when we started content creation. I was using the platform to fight depression, and to stay away from those thoughts, I started creating content on TikTok during the day  and I did overcome what I was facing.”

With over six years of experience in the hotel industry, Clinton has been a part of the hospitality sector for quite some time.

“I have been at CJ’s for two years and four months no but I have been in the hospitality industry for like six years now,” he said.

Beyond TikTok, Clinton also runs a YouTube channel where he hosts couples discussing ideas about marriage.

“In one live session on TikTok, I have made like Ksh 50,000. I also work with small businesses for advertising. I love that I have mastered the art of content creation to be able to make something out of it,” he added.

Supportive of his dual career, Clinton’s bosses and colleagues at CJ’s are well aware of his content creation endeavours and are supportive of his journey.

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