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Exclusive: Milly Chebby reveals details of her separation from the Wa Jesus Family

Content creator Milly Chebby has candidly addressed the publicised rift between her family and the Wa Jesus family, comprising Kabi and Milly.

The two families, known for their close-knit relationship and shared adventures, experienced a notable shift earlier this year when their frequent hangouts and shared moments came to an abrupt end.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Milly Chebby revealed that their once-thriving friendship had reached a conclusion, opting not to delve into intricate details.

“One thing 2023 has taught me is that friendship is very diverse, and in 2024, may God teach me to have a stronger discerning spirit. If you ask me about those people who are no longer in my circle of friends today, it will give them credit for the efforts that I have put in my whole year,” she said.

Milly said that the year has been so busy to an extent that sometimes, she does not sleep.

“I am not about to give credit to anyone who was not in my journey in 2023, so kila mtu ajipiganie (Let each person fight for themselves).¬†Friendship is very personal. What I can say is, public friendship, kitakuramba… choose friends wisely. The first time we had problems was in 2019, then in 2023 again, I said, aah we just decicided let it be. So, it is what it is,” Milly Chebby shared.

Addressing the broader entertainment industry, Milly expressed the prevalent issue of betrayal and the reluctance of individuals to speak out about it.

She urged people to give credit where it is due and emphasized the importance of appreciating hard work within the industry.

“In this entertainment space, there is a lot of betrayal, and people are afraid of speaking out about it. Give credit where it is. If my husband has worked, just appreciate him or just post him. We thank God that He is our father as we do not have a godfather in the industry,” Milly concluded.