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City mum stops daughters from learning new ‘satanic’ curriculum

By NYABOGA KIAGE January 15th, 2019 1 min read

A woman in Sarang’ombe area in Kibera does not want her two daughters to learn the new curriculum because she believes its is ‘satanic’.

Ms Lilian Manyasi has reportedly withdrawn her two daughters from Spurgeons Academy. She has since been arrested and will be charged on Tuesday for denying her children the right to education.

Her newfound religious beliefs have even confounded her husband George Ouma. He traces his wife’s outlandish beliefs to the Kanisa La Yesu church in Makongeni.

“She attends a church that we also don’t understand. I think it is a church that believes in some sort of spirits,” Mr Ouma told journalists.

In her defence, Ms Manyasi said she did not stop her daughters from going to school since it is their choice to pursue education.

“I cannot stop my kids from studying, I am only following my faith. If they chose to stop going to school then it will be their choice,” she said.

Not even the possibility of a jail term can stop Ms Manyasi from faulting the government’ new curriculum.

And she says that the newly introduced Nemis system is being used to introduce children to demonic activities.

“That Nemis the government is also talking about, God showed that it is devilish,” she said.

Nemis, abbreviation for National Education Management Information System, is a web based data management program that collects data and information from education institutions.