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City mums relive their horror ordeals at Pumwani Hospital

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 17th, 2018 2 min read

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko on Monday stormed Pumwani Maternity Hospital on an impromptu visit and found 12 corpses of infants hidden in boxes.

The governor had been tipped by a new mother that machines at the hospital’s nursery were switched off leading to the deaths of the infants.

The discovery cast a dark cloud on a hospital with a mixed history for its maternity services. Staffers at Pumwani Hospital have been routinely accused of of negligence that has led to loss of newborns.

When news broke of the latest scandal at the hospital, Nairobi mums took to social media to narrate their bad experiences at the hospital.


One mother narrated; “The midwives there refused to help me as I was giving birth and one of them even told me ‘si ujizalishe’…so I did that unsupervised; as a result of pushing a 4kg pumpum, two of my spine discs detached and one of them is compressing hard on my left nerves so I can’t walk normally n with unbearable sciatic pains….Pumwani is a big ‘NO’…!!!”

Another wrote; “Three weeks ago my cousin was admitted and after 6 hrs a baby boy was born weighing 2.9 kg very healthy but had to be incubated for some days. the nurse who was helping the mum pull the placenta carelessly and this made the mother to be bleed heavily and had to be transfused ,as a result of transfusion she developed high blood pressure as she is diabetic all this time the baby is very much healthy as per doctors until last week kitu Wednesday they said the baby had taken in “uchafu” during birth and he was rushed to Kenyatta national hospital where he was undergoing treatment poor baby was even operated and he lost the battle yester night.”


A user narrated; “My cousin gave birth and the baby was put oxygen ati alikunywa maji and she was tired. Aki pumwani is the last option one can go yaani wako just soo rude wanakataza mama mtoto kumuona.”

Another one wrote; “My colleague’s daughter was delivered at pumwani and everything was ok, she didn’t complain about anything, also the baby had jaundice incubated for almost a week she didn’t pay a cent.”

A relative explained; “I’m so disturbed for my bro n his wife. They received a bundle of joy of two baby boys. The mum was at pumwani hospital n they were later told that both babies died. The babies were delivered well AND healthy. Both 3.1kgs but until now they don’t know the cause of the deaths.”


Another narrated; “My elder Siz lost her baby in pumwani several yrs ago. She was admitted to deliver kindu 10 am , she stayed in the hosi till evening with the hubby en had expected to deliver normally. No sooner the hubby had left than my siz was told she cant birth thro VB she had to be taken for cs. After cs she was told her baby is premature and is in the nursery. She stayed for 2 days without being shown the baby en once hubby demanded to be shown the baby they would give excuses till visiting time is over wanamfukuza. The third day ndio walimwambia my siz ati mtoi amekufa na wakamwonyesha mwili. They keep you waiting for days until another mother loses a child then wanauza wako.”