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How city teenager was lured to her brutal death in Kayole

At 9pm on Monday, Bridget Wanjiru, 19, received a text message on her phone. She had just had dinner with her mother and they were ready to go to bed.

She told her mother, Esther Mwikali, she needed to see someone and would be back soon. She even asked her mother to wait for her.

Bridget left her home in Matopeni, Kayole but never returned. Her body would be found the next morning, dumped in napier grass away from her home.

“She texted me minutes after leaving house and told me she had been arrested and was unsure if she would be back that day,” Ms Mwikali said.

She said she received her daughter’s message at 10.03pm.


It was written in Kiswahili: “Mum, nimeshikwa na sijui kama nitarudi. Naogopa.”

Ms Mwikali says she called some relatives with whom she visited local police stations looking for her.

Bridget’s cell phone was later switched off.

“We did not find her at the police stations which included Kayole Police Station and Ruai Police Station. We decided to go back home and continue the search in the morning,” she said.

“At 8.30am on Tuesday, I received a call from a relative who informed me Bridget had been found in Kilima and she looked as if she is dead,” Ms Mwikali said.

She said the relatives who had accompanied her went to the scene. They called the police who took her body to City Mortuary.

“By the time I got there her body had been removed. I followed them to the mortuary,” she said.


Bridget’s body bore many wounds, which her mother suspects were inflicted with sharp objects.

Kayole police boss Ali Nuno said the murder is under investigations and that several people had recorded statements.

Mr Nuno admitted Matopeni has become dangerous with many murders reported.