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City women narrate funny experiences with new mom brain

Baby brain is real and some women who have just given birth experience loss of memory and confusion galore that many do not know is normal.

According to research published in Nature Medicine, sleep deprivation disrupts the new mothers’ brain cells’ ability to communicate leading to temporary mental lapses that affect memory and visual perception.

The hormonal changes also interfere with a woman’s ability to recognize simple tasks that were initially known to them and they forget everyday words.

On social media, Nairobi mum have narrated their experiences with baby brain that is also known as new mom brain.

“I remember I once took takataka nje ya gate nyonyo ikiwa tu nje… nlikua nanyonyesha and I forgot kuirudisha ndani ya nguo khaai. Then nikirudi kwa hao nkakutana na lardlord, we leave kwa compound moja, akanishw nyonyo iko nje have never been so embarrassed… hata waleo humuona nafeel kuhepa,” one mum narrated.

“I think I lost my mind completely after the birth of my second born… From going with a towel panty and pegs to stage, konda was like ‘madam leo unataka kuanika kwa matatu ama?’ to forgetting the baby kwa kibanda. Preparing for church and leaving only to rem kwa gate that nimewacha mtoi kwa kiti akilala. Woi… Motherhood, I had to take omega supplements ndio nirudi normal,” another wrote.

“Nikianza ku clear the table after supper ningejipata na sahani bedroom… I would also forget am a mother to the baby I was breastfeeding… I think I just assumed its a duty to feed the baby,” another added.


“Hehe niliambia beshty wangu aniletee supu ya mahindi and she was so confused asking me whether she will just boil maize and bring the water. As far as I was concerned bones were mahindi in Swahili… Ukikuyu itaniua (mahindi in kikuyu means bones),” a new mom wrote.

“I opened the door for the milk man na nyonyo nje… and its this old man. Am glad I moved out of the neighborhood… chei??,” another recounted.

“Badala ya kuweka sugar kwa chai nilieka chai kwa sugar dish watu wakaniangalia tu. contemplating venye nitaenda mathare,” a mum narrated.

“Forgetfulness is the order of the day. I would go to bedroom to get something nikifika hapo memory inapotea narudi where I was and I load again sasa ndio narudi. Motherhood is not a joke,” another added.

“Wah, I walked all the way from Accra Road mpaka stage with a boob out after breast feeding my daughter kwa bus. It never hit me that guys were looking at me. Anyway, proud to be a mum hehe,” another narrated.

“Went for the 6weeks clinic, the nurse asked the baby’s weight upon delivery, I told her 32kgs instead of 3.2kg… She looked at me and asked again, and I gave her the same answer, 32kg… luckily, hubby intervened. The next time I went for check up with the gynae, I forgot my middle name, at the registration desk… Honestly I couldn’t remember hadi I used my surname,” a mum wrote.

“Kwangu kulikuja wageni mtoi alikua amelala bedroom akalia nikaenda kumnyonyesha but akarudi usingizi. I forgot nikarudi sitting room nyonyo zikiwa nje nkaanza kuinamilia kwa meza kuchukua plate ndio nkaona nyonyo imehang almost kuguza plate… wooooiiii,” another narrated.