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Covid-19: One healthcare worker critically ill

One healthcare worker who is among those to have contracted Covid-19 is currently in critical condition.

Health DG Dr Patrick Amoth on Saturday said that the healthcare worker is, however, receiving medical attention.

“Yes I am aware there is one healthcare worker who is now critically ill, but the doctors and the nurses are doing everything possible and we hope we will have a good outcome,” Dr Amoth said.

On Friday while in Kilifi County, Dr Amoth revealed that a total of 292 healthcare workers are currently receiving treatment after contracting Covid-19.

“The risk caused by this pandemic to healthcare workers is immense because they are the first thought of call when people go to seek service, and therefore naturally they are exposed. On top of that healthcare workers are equally exposed at the community level because of the nature of transmission of Covid-19,” he went on.

The DG said that it was very difficult to pinpoint where someone acquired the infection. But as a government, they stand very firmly with the healthcare workers, hence the reason why they have gone ahead to ensure the capacity building has been done on healthcare workers.

Kenya lost its first doctor to Covid-19 on July 10. Dr Doreen Adisa Lugaliki, a gynaecologist, died on Friday morning at the Aga Khan University Hospital.