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Daddy is back! Bishop Allan Kiuna receives heroic welcome by his followers

Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) founder and preacher Bishop Allan Kiuna, made a triumphant return to Kenya after an extended absence.

The warm welcome took place at the airport, where Bishop Kiuna’s wife, Pastor Kathy Kiuna, and a throng of enthusiastic congregants gathered to extend their joyous greetings.

The bishop, who had reportedly been away from the country due to health issues, was welcomed with a display of love and jubilation.

Videos circulating on social media captured the heartwarming moment as Bishop Allan Kiuna stepped off the plane, embraced by the cheers and celebrations of the awaiting crowd.

The congregants, who had gathered in the wee hours of the night, expressed their elation through song and dance, creating an atmosphere of gratitude and celebration.

Jojakeskairu, a videographer at JCC, provided context to the grand reception, stating that the bishop had been absent for an extended period due to health concerns.

In a video shared on social media, Joja commented, “For context, Bishop Allan has been away for a long time receiving treatment for illness… The celebration is for God’s faithfulness and favor.”

In 2019, Bishop Allan Kiuna openly shared his battle with cancer, expressing gratitude to God for seeing him through the challenging ordeal.

His revelation came in the wake of the unfortunate passing of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso, who succumbed to cancer at the Nairobi Hospital.

“I’m so grateful to God for having seen me through a difficult battle with cancer last year,” he wrote on Twitter.

The recent welcome home celebration, as indicated by Kathy Kiuna’s statement, suggests that Bishop Allan Kiuna has emerged victorious in his health battle.

On her Instagram, she shared a heartwarming video of the airport reception, captioned with, “What we’ve waited for has come to pass… see what the Lord has done. Welcome home, honey @bishopkiuna.”