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Trouble resurfaces for Koffi Olomide, promoters threaten to derail Nairobi show

By Sinda Matiko December 7th, 2023 2 min read

The highly anticipated Nairobi concert featuring Congolese Lingala maestro Le Grand Mopao Koffi Olomide is in jeopardy as promoters Jules Nsana and Noah Auma Muga of Nsana Production demand compensation for a 2016 show that ended in chaos.

The celebrated 67-year-old musician faces the threat of disruption unless he settles a debt of nearly Sh10 million owed to the promoters.

In a demand letter obtained by Nairobi News, the promoters, through their lawyer Thiong’o Gachaga of Githumbi & Achoki Advocates firm, are seeking a refund of USD 50,032 (Sh7,669,905) and an additional Sh1,410,000, along with interest at the current rate from the date of the performance to full payment.

The demand is rooted in the 2016 show that went awry when Koffi was deported from Kenya for assaulting one of his female dancers.

The promoters claim to have fulfilled all the terms agreed upon in a bidding contract, including deposits, airfare, accommodation, transport charges, and venue fees.

However, the show never occurred, resulting in financial losses for the promoters.

Despite their efforts to recover the funds since 2016, the promoters allege that Koffi has been elusive and unresponsive.

The demand letter states that the promoters have suffered a loss of expected earnings from the event, emphasising that Koffi’s deportation was self-inflicted.

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The promoters have issued an ultimatum of 12 hours for Koffi to settle the debt, threatening to halt the scheduled show at The Dome, Jamhuri Showground on Ngong Road.

“Strictly note within 12 hours from date of this demand (December 7, 2023) clients intend to stop your show at The Dome, Jamhuri showground on Ngong road on 9th December 2023. We have taken liberty to inform the administrative units within the areas which you are purposed to perfom,” the demand letter read.

It has been copied to relevant authorities, including the Director of Criminal Investigation, OCS Jamhuri Police Station, and the Director of Immigration.

Koffi, who had arrived in Nairobi for the upcoming concert – back in 2016, was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and subsequently deported to Kinshasa.

The government banned him from returning to Kenya. The police cited his deportation for creating a disturbance at the airport. Koffi returned to the country four years later after the ban was lifted.

The letter states, “Our clients thus have suffered loss of expected earnings from the event. Your being deported was self-inflicted and thus any liability is directly borne by you and not our clients. Our clients thereafter followed up with you for the refund of the direct coasts that they had used to mobilize for the event but todate you have not refunded the costs.”