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Death on the roads have increased in 2019 compared to 2018

By Amina Wako December 30th, 2019 1 min read

More Kenyan have lost their lives on the roads this year compared to last year, according to a report released by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).

The latest survey results reveal that 3,409 people had lost their lives on the roads by December 19, 2019 compared to 3,004 who died by the date in 2018, representing a 13 percent increase.

Pedestrians account for the highest casualties with 1,323 said to have been killed compared to last year where 1,147 pedestrians died in road accidents.

Some 320 pillions have also died this year compared to 235 the same period last year. The statistics show that 325 drivers have perished compared to 297 in 2018.


However, the number of car passenger deaths reduced. Data shows 677 have died this year compared to 699 last years. The others were pedal cyclists (73) and motorcyclists (691).

The survey also noted that those who sustained serious injuries due to road accidents increased in 2019 by 48 percent from 4,487 people in 2018 to 6,651 in 2019.

A 2018 annual crime report by the Kenya National Police Service pins accidents to speeding, drunk-driving, fatigue and wrong use of the road by pedestrians.

Other factors were poor roads infrastructure and non-observance of traffic laws.

NTSA Director General George Njao argues that majority of the accidents are as a result of human error.

Early this month, Inspector-General Hillary Mutyambai directed traffic police officers manning roadblocks to arrest all excess passengers in PSVs as part of efforts to ensure maximum safety during the holidays.