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DNG officially changes his name

Davidson Ngibuini is the latest media personality to officially change his name.

The radio presenter has formally acquired his nickname DNG as part of his official name.

The decision to adopt the name which has been his nickname for the past two decades was confirmed in a Kenya Gazette notice published on his behalf by Kwengu & Company Advocates.

“Notice is given that by a deed poll dated 7th July 2021, duly executed and registered in the Registry of Documents at Nairobi by our client, Davidson Ngibuini, Nairobi in the Republic of Kenya, formerly known as Davidson Ngibuini, formally and absolutely renounced and abandoned the use of his former name Davidson Ngibuini and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the name Davidson DNG Ngibuini, for all purposes and authorizes and requests all persons at all times to designate, describe and address him by his assumed name Davidson DNG Ngibuini only,” the notice read.

The former gospel artist has previously juggled the industry as a radio and TV personality to an accomplished events emcee before settling for business.

Despite the many hats he wears in the entertainment industry, Ngibuini has earned himself enviable academic credentials as a holder of a master’s degree in International Business Administration.

In 2004, he won a KORA award for the best male gospel artist. However, he later hit the headlines after a nasty split ending a marriage that only lasted nine months before picking himself up in matters of love.

Recently he has been a vocal activism crusader and frequently makes known his political stand and is believed to be eyeing an elective post in next year’s general elections.

For one to be able to change their names, they must be at least 16 years of age.

A 16-year-old is however still a minor, and therefore, all that is required of them is consent, in the presence of an advocate, but the entire process is commenced by an adult.

Once all the legal requirements have been met, the applicant registers the deed poll at the Principal Registry in Nairobi or Mombasa. Nairobi offices serve the entire country as Mombasa offices serve coast region only.

The registrar shall after registration, cause the deed poll to be advertised in the Kenya Gazette. This acts as a notification to the general public of the change of name. A fee of Sh500 is payable for the deed poll presented for registration.