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Donald Kipkorir sponsored LSK conference, but Grand Mullah is not happy

Nairobi lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi has thrown shade at fellow lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir after the latter sponsored the annual Law Society of Kenya conference in Diani, Mombasa.

Ahmednasir, who goes by the name Grand Mullah, complained that he had been given a “cheap” package from Kipkorir’s law firm after registering for the conference.

On Wednesday, Kipkorir bragged that he sponsored the conference and has been doing it with humility.

“We are in Diani, Mombasa for our Law Society Of Kenya Annual Conference which I annually sponsor with humility,” he wrote on Facebook.

The two lawyers, who both run giant law firms in Nairobi with a clientele that includes who is who in Kenya, have sparred on social media before on various issues.