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The do’s and don’ts of after play

When it comes to matters of the bedroom, we all remember the preparation and foreplay. We forget another equally important part of intimacy – the after play.

How you behave after sexual intimacy affects your satisfaction and both you and your partner’s feelings about intimacy. Here are a few after play tips you should try;

1. Have some pillow talk – It is rude to just roll over and fall asleep after sexual intimacy with your partner. Try some pillow talk. The feelings of closeness that sexual intimacy brings might have you having the deepest heart to heart you have ever had. Plus, it communicates to your partner that you care about them beyond the physical. Be careful though not to overdo it because then you will risk coming off as non-genuine.

2. Take a shower together – Jumping into the shower together with your partner after sexual intimacy is a great way of prolonging that intimacy. It allows you to be playful and to spend some time together doing things that are good for your relationship.

3. Maintain some physical contact – Women especially love to maintain some form of physical contact after sexual intimacy. She wants to be held and touched. Even if she falls asleep, she wants to do so in your arms or at least in your presence.

4. Snack together – Pieces of fruits are the best snacks for the after play. If not, you can share any other snack together before falling asleep or jumping in the shower. Sharing a meal prolongs that feeling of closeness that is well needed after sexual intimacy.

5. Pay compliments – It is polite to pay compliments to your partner after sexual intimacy. Tell them that you had a great time. Ask for round two. Do not exaggerate though. Being dishonest might ruin the whole experience.

6. Don’t get on your phone – The average Nairobian can’t imagine going a full day without their phone. Our phones have become a part of our daily existence. It shouldn’t however be part of your after play routine. Do not also turn on the television. Pay attention to your partner.

7. Don’t overstay – Depending on the nature of your relationship, you should recognize when it is time to leave. If yours was a one night stand for instance, then you have no business being in your love interest’s house the next day at noon. Similarly, do not ask your long-term girlfriend or boyfriend to leave in the middle of the night.

8. Don’t talk about your problems – You may be going through a rough patch and you may want to talk about it with your partner, that is normal. Right after sexual intimacy is just not the time for this. Maintain the mood of the moment and wait for some other time to offload your problems to him.