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Dumpsite group ignores police, forms vigilante

Fed up with the police laxity in dealing with criminals at the Dandora dumpsite, residents have formed a vigilante group to fight back.

Already, the group, only two weeks old, has killed at least two people suspected to have been members of the gang that has declared itself lord over the site.

Two of the suspects were attacked by residents following a robbery. Another suspect is said to have been killed by a colleague when a deal turned sour.

But the situation is threatening to turn chaotic as families of the killed gang members are now accused of being involved in revenge missions.

“We are afraid because our plans seem to be failing in a big way. Families are now revenging the death of their relatives,” said Mr Musa Tangala, the chairman of the vigilante group.

Ferry bodies

But the chairman said that the fight must go on. He said they had long learnt not to rely on the police to guarantee their security.

“When we report the matter to police, they are hesitant to come. They only arrive to ferry bodies to the mortuaries,” said Mr Tangala.

The resident said that crime in the area had increased, despite last month’s amnesty deal crafted by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko that led to the surrendering of one rifle.

He said the criminals at the site were still armed and a constant threat to the residents whenever they launch an attack.

“We are not completely out of options, but we are taking a lot of precautions,” he said.