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Ladies, here are eight surprising benefits of menstruation

For a lot of women, menstruation is a period of their lives that they would rather skip altogether. What a lot of women don’t know is that while it may be uncomfortable sometimes, menstruation comes with immense benefits. Here is a look into some of them;

1. It can give you health cues – If you pay attention, you can get a lot of cues in regard to your health from your menstrual blood. When you are unwell, the color and even texture of your menstrual blood changes.

2. It will help you lose weight – Yes, menstrual periods usually trigger higher metabolism rates. Higher metabolism rates usually lead to weight loss. To achieve this however, you will need to ignore the cravings that come with menstruation.

3. It slows aging – Yes, your period can slow the aging process. This is because iron is lost during menstruation. When in the body, iron increases the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

4. It is like cleansing – When a women has her periods, her body is cleansing itself from the inside starting with her uterus. While at it, the body also releases harmful bacteria. This process lowers the risk of a woman who gets her period regularly from getting STD’s.

5. Reduces blood pressure – Menstruation comes with a reduced blood pressure. This means that a woman who regularly gets her periods is on a reduced risk of high blood pressure. A woman in her fertile years is also less likely to get a stroke or a heart attack.

6. Reduces bloating – When you menstruate, there is a drop of the hormone progesterone in the body. This hormone is the one that is responsible for water retention and subsequently bloating.

7. It’s a gift – A woman’s first menstruation period is the start of her body maturation. It comes with the production of various female hormones and the body physically starts preparing for child birth. Getting a period thus means that a woman is more likely than not to experience motherhood in the future.

8. Greater connection – If you pay attention, your period can make you more connected to not only your partner but the universe around. Periods make you more spiritual and they increase your libido levels.