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Eric Omondi: Why I live a fake life

Comedian Eric Omondi has emerged as an example of the saying fake it till you make it after admitting to pulling a myriad of stunts to his massive social media followers so as to remain relevant.

From swimming naked in a pool, to having baby mama drama, Omondi hasn’t pumped breaks on his shenanigans, which he continually tailors to grab the attention of his audience.

The most recent stunt was a fake pregnancy feat in which the comedian left netizens questioning his motives as a comedian.

And in an online interview on Bonga na Jalas, Omondi revealed he is always pulling stunts because he likes making conversation starters for work purposes, including his recent fake pregnancy stunt which he said was to preempt a single release by Miss P.

“The pregnancy was fake but it was a conversation creator. We expected it to go right, it went left. When it went left we decided to let the conversation go on. Miss P is not pregnant. I met her three weeks ago, and every Kenyan knows that. I have never slept with Miss P and I will never. She’s an artist we’re trying to push,” said the comedian.

“I went to Vera Sidika’a baby shower, and at the party she played ‘Happy Birthday’ by Harmonize, then it hit me that there are songs for birthdays and weddings, but there are no songs for baby showers, yet everybody seems to be pregnant. So I told Miss P about the idea and told her to make a song entitled ‘baby shower’,” he added.

The comedian reiterated that women are powerful and that any subject that touches on women and children will always be quickly addressed and considered, which led him to take advantage of the opportunity to pull the publicity stunt.

“I only create conversations. This is a very deep and important conversation, and I want to talk to Kenyans. Women are very powerful. Anything that touches women and children becomes very sensitive. It has destroyed careers and people. All a woman needs to do is scream and help will be on the way. They are empowered. When I posted Miss P, within a very short period of time my feed had 7k comments, with 6.9k insulting me saying they know Eric Omondi. They knew it was all fake because it’s me,” Eric said.

Omondi further stressed that he is not responsible for anyone’s child, and he shouldn’t be told that he is misleading children with his explicit content.

“Do not trust me. Why would you trust me? I am living my life. I advise parents not to let their children look up to celebrities. Those people have issues. They have personal issues, family issues, they are human beings. This foolishness of ‘Eric Omondi is misleading children’, what is your child doing on Instagram? You are a very irresponsible parent,” the comedian reiterated.

“I spoke to Jackie through Simon Kabu yesterday, and I spoke to her today, and we’re meeting in the evening to have dinner. What we did was very wrong, and I want to personally apologize. I apologize to Kenyans, on behalf of Jackie and myself, for we exposed an innocent child to the public, and there’s no excuse for that. I also apologize to Sam Ogina and Jackie Maribe,” he added.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy Africa also revealed that he did not purchase the kshs. 141M house in Karen, but rather had rented it for his show ‘Wife Material’, and after the show was done, he handed the house back to its original owner. “I didn’t buy the house, it was simply for wife material,” said Eric Omondi.